Electric MotoBike

Electric MotoBike for AGAZZINI BIKES

Enduro 2 was born from the idea of combining MTB and Enduro motorcycle in a single product. Its design is made up of a combination of shapes that embody its roots: an agile and light frame in exposed carbon fiber is inserted into a CNC-engineered Ergal engine, derived from motorcycling. The union of the two materials has synergistically merged into a new innovative form. The front of the bike seeks a sinuous and soft line, which integrates the electrical components inside, while the rear recalls technicality and strength.

Andrea Agazzini 2022 Professional Platinum Press Kit № 126895

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Enduro2 by Andrea Agazzini
Enduro2 by Andrea Agazzini

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Electric MotoBike by Andrea Agazzini
Electric MotoBike by Andrea Agazzini

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Andrea Agazzini Enduro2
Andrea Agazzini Enduro2

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Andrea Agazzini Electric MotoBike
Andrea Agazzini Electric MotoBike

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Andrea Agazzini Designer Portrait Photo
Andrea Agazzini Designer Portrait Photo

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Enduro2 Electric MotoBike Press Releases

Explore press materials for Enduro2, available in languages such as English.

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Enduro2 Electric MotoBike Translations

We're happy to provide translations of Enduro2 in numerous languages, including: Motosiklèt Elektrik HT, Motocin Lantarki HA, Kaʻa Kaʻa Kaʻa Uila HAW, אופנוע חשמלי HE, इलेक्ट्रिक मोटोबाइक HI, Electric Motobike HMN, Az Elektromos Motorkerékpár HU, Rafmagns Mótorhjól IS, Motobike Eletrik IG, Sepeda Motor Listrik ID, Gluaisrothar Leictreach GA, La Moto Elettrica IT, 電動バイクは JA, Sepedha Motor Listrik JV, ಎಲೆಕ್ಟ್ರಿಕ್ ಮೋಟೋಬೈಕ್ KN, Электрлі Мотоцикль KK, ម៉ូតូ​អគ្គិសនី KM, Moteri Yamashanyarazi RW, 전기 오토바이는 KO, Motobikleta Elektrîkê KU, Электр Мотоцикл KY, ລົດຈັກໄຟຟ້າ LO, Electrica Motobike LA, Elektriskais Motocikls LV, Elektrinis Motociklas LT, Elektro Moto LB, Електричен Мотоцикл MK, Motobike Elektrika MG, Motosikal Elektrik MS, ഇലക്ട്രിക് മോട്ടോബൈക്ക് ML, Motobike Elettriku MT, Te Motopaika Hiko MI, इलेक्ट्रिक मोटोबाईक MR, Цахилгаан Мотоцикль MN, विद्युतीय मोटरसाइकल NE, Elektrisk Motorsykkel NO, ଇଲେକ୍ଟ୍ରିକ୍ ମୋଟରବାଇକ୍ OR, بریښنایی موټرسایکل PS, موتورسیکلت برقی FA, Motocykl Elektryczny PL, Motobike Elétrico PT, ਇਲੈਕਟ੍ਰਿਕ ਮੋਟਰਬਾਈਕ PA, Motocicleta Electrică RO, Электрический Мотобайк RU, Uila Afi Uila SM, Електрични Мотоцикл SR, Electric Motobike SN, برقي موٽر سائيڪل SD, විදුලි මෝටර් බයික් SI, Elektrický Motobike SK, Električni Motocikel SL, Mootooyinka Korantada SO, Motobike Ea Motlakase ST, La Moto Eléctrica ES, Sapédah Motor Listrik SU, Motobike Ya Umeme SW, Elmotorcykel SV, Ang Electric Motobike TL, Мотоцикли Электрикӣ TG, மின்சார மோட்டோபைக் TA, Электр Мотоциклы TT, ఎలక్ట్రిక్ మోటోబైక్ TE, รถมอเตอร์ไซค์ไฟฟ้า TH, Elektrikli Motosiklet TR, Elektrik Motobike TK, Електричний Мотоцикл UK, الیکٹرک موٹر بائیک UR, توكلۇق موتسىكلىت UG, Elektr Motobike UZ, Xe Máy Điện VI, Beic Modur Trydan CY, Elektryske Motobike FY, Motobike Yombane XH, עלעקטריש מאָטאָביקע YI, Motobike Itanna YO, Motobike Kagesi ZU, Electric Motobike EN, Elektriese Motorfiets AF, Motoçikleta Elektrike SQ, የኤሌክትሪክ ሞተር ብስክሌት AM, الدراجة البخارية الكهربائية AR, Էլեկտրական Մոտոցիկլետը HY, Elektrik Motobike AZ, Moto Elektrikoa EU, Электрычны Матацыкл BE, বৈদ্যুতিক মোটরবাইক BN, Električni Motocikl BS, Електрическият Мотоциклет BG, လျှပ်စစ်မော်တော်ဆိုင်ကယ် MY, La Moto Elèctrica CA, Electric Motobike CEB, Motobike Yamagetsi NY, 電動摩托車 ZY, 电动摩托车 ZH, A Moto Elettrica CO, Električni Motocikl HR, Elektrický Motocykl CS, Elektrisk Motorcykel DA, Elektrische Motobike NL, Elektra Motorciklo EO, Elektrimootorratas ET, Sähkömoottoripyörä FI, Motobike Électrique FR, Am Baidhsagal-Motair Dealain GD, A Moto Eléctrica GL, ელექტრო მოტოციკლი KA, Elektro-Motorrad DE, Η Ηλεκτρική Μοτοσυκλέτα EL, ઇલેક્ટ્રિક મોટરબાઈક GU.

Press Kit
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike Media Articles

Ready-to-feature articles on Enduro2 are available in these languages: Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish and Arabic (Standard), for your convenience.

Unique Properties

The first electric MotoBike designed to be the real link between Offroad Motorcycle and Bicycle: 4000W of power enclosed in a frame of only 27.5 kg coupled to coupling, 100% made in Italy in carbon fiber and CNC machined Ergal . The double transmission allows quick and precise gear changes at all times, even under stress. A vehicle designed for heavy and sporty use of the Enduro, but also for a relaxing walk in the woods.


Mountain bike, Enduro, Off-Road, MTB, Cross Bike, Adventure

Production Technology

The frame of this MotoBike is made of carbon fiber in the front part from an autoclave mold, in the engine and in the rear part a plug-in technology without welded parts has been chosen, made of Ergal 7075 machined by CNC machines.

Design Challenge

The biggest problem was to create a product that was perfect to the tenth of a millimeter, favoring assembly and maintenance operations. This was possible by overturning the classic concept of the welded tubular frame and welcoming new technologies such as carbon fiber molds and CNC machined aluminum.

Project Duration

The project started in October 2019 and ended in the latter form in February 2021. The development was followed completely by myself and the realization took place through production companies at a maximum of 80 km from our headquarters in Grignasco ( Novara)


The project started from a blank sheet, with the aim of creating an off-road vehicle between bikes and motorcycles that uses the largest number of components derived from the standard MTB market, in order to obtain a product that can be adjusted by anyone from anywhere. The idea is to amaze by creating a new segment on two wheels, thanks to the refinement that simultaneously delivers the electric motor, via the accelerator pedal, and the additional independent pedaling. After several researches related to the electrical components, I decided to create a system that integrated both the motor and the battery inside. The integrated motor removes the problems of overheating when climbing, typical of other motorcycles with an engine in the rear wheel, while the battery and the integrated control unit improve resistance to water and dirt. After almost two years of work, design, management tests and first sales, I can be very satisfied with the work done and with the companies that have helped me to produce this object.


The desire to experience the off-road vehicle halfway between motorcycles and bicycles, without sacrificing the power of the motorcycle and the agility and physical effort of the bicycle. It comes from my architectural experience and from the desire to create the first real MotoBike for technical use.

Project Overview

Enduro2 Electric MotoBike has been a Platinum winner in the Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design award category in the year 2021 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Platinum A' Design Award is recognized for honoring designs that stand at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the A' Design Awards, acknowledging works that blend remarkable innovation with impactful societal contributions. These designs not only showcase exceptional artistic and technical proficiency but also highlight their creators' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their role in shaping the aesthetics and trends of our time, contributing significantly to the enhancement of quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

Image Credits

For design images and photos please credit Andrea Agazzini.

Andrea Agazzini Designer Portrait Photo Award Logo
Platinum Recognition

Andrea Agazzini was recognized with the coveted Platinum A' Design Award in 2022, a testament to excellence of their work Enduro2 Electric MotoBike.

Andrea Agazzini Press Releases

Journalists and media members can enrich their content with our press releases on Andrea Agazzini, available for free use. Now available: Immediate access to 1 press releases for journalists.

Introducing Enduro2: The Electric MotoBike by Andrea Agazzini

Andrea Agazzini unveils the Enduro2, a revolutionary electric MotoBike designed to bridge the gap between off-road motorcycles and bicycles, combining power and agility in a lightweight frame. Made in Italy, this innovative vehicle redefines the off-road experience.

Andrea Agazzini Designer Portrait Photo
Andrea Agazzini Newsroom

Access Andrea Agazzini Newsroom to delve into the world of top-tier design and accolades.

You are currently viewing Media Showcase № 126895. Check out Andrea Agazzini's newsroom for an exhaustive resource hub, featuring award-winning works and exclusive media content. You are now viewing Press Kit / Media Showcase 126895 on Enduro2. For more details, access Newsroom 297488.

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