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Access a curated selection of the most innovative and impactful design projects worldwide, ensuring your stories cover the forefront of design excellence.

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Save valuable time with all necessary materials available in one place, streamlining your research and content creation process.

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Cover unique, award-winning design stories not available elsewhere, giving your content a competitive edge.

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Stay current with the latest in design innovation, ensuring your reports are fresh and relevant.

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Access content already formatted for press use, including high-quality images and detailed design descriptions, simplifying your workflow.

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Explore a wide range of design categories, from architecture to technology, enriching your stories with a broad spectrum of design topics.

Interactive Media Features

Enhance your online articles with engaging multimedia content, including videos and interactive images, for more dynamic storytelling.

Event Invitations

Receive invitations to exclusive design events, offering firsthand experiences and valuable networking opportunities.

Educational Resources

Gain valuable insights into design principles and trends, enhancing your knowledge and expertise in the field of design.

Automated Publishing Agreements

Utilize awarded designs in your media or research with automated publishing agreements.

VIP Invitations and Welcome Gifts

Get VIP invites to events and welcome gifts, enriching your design community connections.

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Octyma Car Braking Caliper

Car Braking Caliper for Brembo S.p.A.

Brembo S.p.A. 2024 Enterprise Platinum
Shelter Desk

Desk for Joao Teixeira Design Studio

João Teixeira 2021 Professional Platinum
Lavazza Classy Plus Coffee Machine
Lavazza Classy Plus

Coffee Machine for Lavazza

Florian Seidl 2022 Professional Platinum
Ikona Maxxi Pure Extraction Hood and Purifier
Ikona Maxxi Pure

Extraction Hood and Purifier for Elica spa

Fabrizio Crisà 2022 Enterprise Platinum
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike

Electric MotoBike for AGAZZINI BIKES

Andrea Agazzini 2022 Professional Platinum
DC 3 Stool
DC 3

Stool for Fahrer Design

Sergio Fahrer 2022 Professional Platinum
Lavazza Elogy Milk Coffee Machine
Lavazza Elogy Milk

Coffee Machine for Lavazza

Florian Seidl 2021 Professional Platinum
CanguRo Mobility Robot

Mobility Robot for Shunji Yamanaka and Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo)

Shunji Yamanaka & fuRo 2021 Agency Platinum
Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair
Lattice Chair

Weaving Armchair for Chen Kuan-cheng

Chen Kuan-Cheng 2021 Professional Platinum
Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter
Pure Advance Flex

Electric Scooter for Pure Electric

Pure Electric 2023 Enterprise Platinum
Unream Voxel Printed Lamp

Voxel Printed Lamp for MIT HCI Engineering Group

Jiani Zeng 2020 Academic Platinum
Catzz Cat Bed

Cat Bed for Mirko Vujicic

Mirko Vujicic 2020 Professional Platinum
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