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Establish a Brand Newsroom on innovation|newsroom to strategically showcase your company's design excellence and innovation to a global network of journalists and media outlets. innovation|newsroom is excellent for displaying projects and it is a an efficient way to position your brand and reach journalists within your industry.

In your Brand Newsroom, every collection, every award, and every design tells a part of your brand's unique story, creating a compelling narrative that captivates media professionals and enhances your market presence. innovation|newsroom is an opportunity to present a unified, dynamic image of your brand's contribution to the world of design, inviting the press and potential collaborators to delve deep into your portfolio and discover the depth of your innovation and vision.

Maximize Your Brand’s Impact with a Newsroom

Consolidated Brand Showcase

Centralize your innovation and quality in one dynamic newsroom.

Enhanced Global Reach

Connect globally with journalists and media outlets.

Strategic Media Engagement

Foster press coverage with easy access to your designs.

Increased Media Exposure

Magnify your media presence, inviting more coverage and features.

Press-Ready Feature Spotlights

Enable easy media coverage with ready-to-publish design spotlights.

Direct Communication Pathway

Streamline media inquiries and collaborations.

Brand Legacy and Archives

Document your brand’s evolution and design journey.

Exclusive Event Invitations

Access design events and industry gatherings.

Partnership Opportunities

Attract strategic collaborations and sponsorships.

Cohesive Brand Storytelling

Narrate your brand's unique story compellingly.

Comprehensive Press Resources

Offer complete press kits for media coverage ease.

Valuable Networking Hub

Expand your network within the design community.

Showcase of Professionalism

Enhance your brand’s credibility and industry respect.

Dynamic Updates & News

Keep journalists informed with the latest brand news and products.

Increased Discoverability

Improve your brand’s digital footprint and media presence.

Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential

Step into the spotlight and showcase your brand’s innovations to the world.

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Spotlight on Brand Innovation

Delve into a curated selection of groundbreaking design projects that highlight the power of brand innovation.

Octyma Car Braking Caliper

Car Braking Caliper for Brembo S.p.A.

Brembo S.p.A. 2024 Enterprise Platinum
Midnight Evtol

Evtol for Archer Aviation

Archer Aviation 2024 Enterprise Platinum
Ikona Maxxi Pure Extraction Hood and Purifier
Ikona Maxxi Pure

Extraction Hood and Purifier for Elica spa

Fabrizio Crisà 2022 Enterprise Platinum
Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter
Pure Advance Flex

Electric Scooter for Pure Electric

Pure Electric 2023 Enterprise Platinum
Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Large Portable Energy Storage
Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus

Large Portable Energy Storage for Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd 2023 Enterprise Platinum
Spirito Table Lamp

Table Lamp for Maytoni

Alexey Danilin 2024 Enterprise Platinum
Formation 01 Bathroom Faucet
Formation 01

Bathroom Faucet for Kohler and SR_A

Kohler Internal Design Team 2024 Enterprise Platinum
109 Pro Headphone
109 Pro

Headphone for Meze Audio

Meze Audio 2023 Enterprise Platinum
Lhov Hob, Hood and Oven

Hob, Hood and Oven for Fabrizio Crisà

Fabrizio Crisà 2024 Enterprise Platinum
Da50 Rg Single Engine Piston Aircraft
Da50 Rg

Single Engine Piston Aircraft for Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH 2024 Enterprise Platinum
A6Plus Television

Television for KONKA

Konka Industrial Design Team 2023 Enterprise Platinum
NikolaTesla Fit Extractor Hob
NikolaTesla Fit

Extractor Hob for Elica spa

Fabrizio Crisà 2021 Enterprise Platinum
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