Cat Bed

Cat Bed for Mirko Vujicic

When designing Catzz cat bed, the inspiration was drawn from needs of cats and owners alike, and need to unite function, simplicity and beauty. While observing cats, their unique geometrical features inspired the clean and recognizable form. Some characteristic behavioral patterns (e.g. ear movement) became incorporated into cat's user experience. Also, bearing owners in mind, the aim was to create a piece of furniture they could customize and proudly display. Moreover, it was important to ensure easy maintenance. All of which the sleek, geometrical design and modular structure enable.

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Catzz by Mirko Vujicic
Catzz by Mirko Vujicic

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Cat Bed by Mirko Vujicic
Cat Bed by Mirko Vujicic

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Mirko Vujicic Catzz
Mirko Vujicic Catzz

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Mirko Vujicic Cat Bed
Mirko Vujicic Cat Bed

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Mirko VujicicBrand Logo
Mirko VujicicBrand Logo

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We ensure Catzz is globally understood with translations available in these languages: Shtrati I Maces SQ, የድመት አልጋ AM, سرير القط AR, Կատուների Մահճակալը HY, Pişik Yatağı AZ, Katu Ohea EU, Ложак Для Котак BE, বিড়াল বিছানা BN, Krevet Za Mačke BS, Котешкото Легло BG, ကြောင်အိပ်ရာ MY, Llit De Gat CA, Mphaka Bedi NY, 猫床 ZH, Lettu Di Ghjattu CO, Mačji Krevet HR, Kočičí Postel CS, Katteseng DA, Kattenmand NL, Katlito EO, Kassi Voodi ET, Kissan Sänky FI, Lit Pour Chat FR, Cama De Gato GL, კატის საწოლი KA, Katzenbett DE, Το Κρεβάτι Γάτας EL, બિલાડીનો પલંગ GU, Kabann Chat HT, Cat Gado HA, מיטת חתול HE, बिल्ली बिस्तर HI, Macska Ágy HU, Tempat Tidur Kucing ID, Leaba Cat GA, Pusi Bed IG, Kötturúm IS, Letto Per Gatti IT, 猫のベッド JA, Amben Kucing JV, ಬೆಕ್ಕು ಹಾಸಿಗೆ KN, Мысық Төсегі KK, គ្រែឆ្មា KM, Uburiri Bw'injangwe RW, Мышык Керебети KY, 고양이 침대 KO, Nivînên Pisîk KU, Lectum LA, Kazebett LB, ຕຽງແມວ LO, Kačių Lova LT, Kaķu Gulta LV, Кревет За Мачки MK, Fandriana Saka MG, Katil Kucing MS, ക്യാറ്റ് ബെഡ് ML, Sodda Tal-Qtates MT, Moenga Ngeru MI, मांजरीचा पलंग MR, Муурны Ор MN, बिरालो ओछ्यान NE, Katteseng NO, ବିଲେଇ ଶଯ୍ୟା OR, ਬਿੱਲੀ ਦਾ ਪਲੰਘ PA, تخت گربه FA, Legowisko Dla Kota PL, پیشو خانه PS, A Cama Do Gato PT, Patul Pentru Pisici RO, Кровать Для Кошек RU, ٻلي جي بستري SD, Moega Pusi SM, Мачји Кревет SR, Leabaidh Cat GD, Katsi Mubhedha SN, පූසා ඇඳ SI, Pelech Pre Mačky SK, Mačja Postelja SL, Sariirta Bisadda SO, Bethe Ea Katse ST, La Cama Para Gatos ES, Ranjang Ucing SU, Kitanda Cha Paka SW, Kattbädd SV, பூனை படுக்கை TA, పిల్లి మంచం TE, Кати Гурба TG, ที่นอนแมว TH, Pişik Düşegi TK, Ang Cat Bed TL, Kedi Yatağı TR, Мәче Караваты TT, مۈشۈك كارىۋىتى UG, Ліжко Для Котів UK, بلی کا بستر UR, Mushuk To'shagi UZ, Giường Cho Mèo VI, Gwely Cath CY, Kattebêd FY, Ikati Ibhedi XH, קאַץ בעט YI, O Nran Ibusun YO, Umbhede Wekati ZU, 貓床 ZY, Ang Higdaan Sa Iring CEB, Moena Pōpoki HAW, Miv Txaj HMN, Cat Bed EN, Katbed AF.

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Unique Properties

Catzz cat bed relies on clean and contemporary design, which is the result of careful thinking and research in order to make a perfect combination of functionality, content and form. The modularity of the product enables personalization, reconfiguration, easy maintenance and conveniently flat packaging.


cat bed, pet furniture, pet supplies, cat toys

Production Technology

Triangular modules are made from felt pieces and plastic plates, all cut by a laser. Two felt pieces are glued to a plastic plate in the middle, and the hems of felt pieces are sewn. Each module corner has a snap fastener stud attached. Assembly connectors, made from metal by cutting and bending, have snap fastener sockets attached. Modules used for "ears" do not have a plastic plate, but only two pieces of felt sewn together, and have fabric connectors because the "ears" need flexibility.

Design Challenge

After the research, a clear need for a cat bed that assembles and disassembles easily, but is sturdy at the same time, arose. The challenge was not to use any screws and to avoid using tools. I needed something simple. Therefore, I opted for snap fasteners to connect the triangular modules reliably and plastic plates to strengthen them within, making modules thin and sturdy. As a result, those modules can fit into a flat packaging which is simple to transport.

Project Duration

The idea was born in Belgrade, in the beginning of 2019. It was followed by numerous sketches and mock-up models, and searches for different kinds of materials. In September 2019, after having finalized the design, I made the prototype. The prototype enabled an insight into the product's minor flaws, which were dealt with. Afterwards, technical specifications and production technology were defined in January 2020.

Operation Flow

Catzz cat bed can be easily disassembled if needed to be washed, transported or reconfigured. It comes in different colors so that it can match the cat color or complement the space. Also, it can be transformed in three variants to fit the cat personality and needs (e.g. more or less privacy or warmth). It comes with a cat toy tied to Catzz cat bed ear by an elastic string, which makes the ear move when the cat plays with the toy, and if there is more than one cat, they can join the play.


The purpose of the research was to gain insight into cat owners' needs and wishes regarding cat furniture and toys. First, a survey was conducted in March, 2019. The total of 250 participants completed the survey anonymously. The results showed that most participants valued these characteristics most (in decreasing order): ease of cleaning, ability to personalize it, contemporary design, and reasonable price. Secondly, using prototypes, the functionality and ergonomics were tested.


I was inspired by my own cat in terms of both form and function. Distinct geometry in my cat facial features guided the form of design, whereas her movement and behavior inspired the interactive aspect. The material was chosen to fit the cat needs for a warm and snugly environment, which felt provides. Knowing that cats are always on the lookout for the perfect hiding and resting spot and that their preferences vary, it was important for me to provide the possibility for adaptation.

Project Overview

Catzz Cat Bed has been a Platinum winner in the Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design award category in the year 2019 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Platinum A' Design Award is recognized for honoring designs that stand at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the A' Design Awards, acknowledging works that blend remarkable innovation with impactful societal contributions. These designs not only showcase exceptional artistic and technical proficiency but also highlight their creators' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their role in shaping the aesthetics and trends of our time, contributing significantly to the enhancement of quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

Image Credits

For design images and photos please credit Mirko Vujicic.

 Award Logo
Platinum Recognition

Mirko Vujicic was recognized with the coveted Platinum A' Design Award in 2020, a testament to excellence of their work Catzz Cat Bed.

Mirko Vujicic Press Releases

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Catzz Cat Bed: A Stylish and Modular Solution for Feline Comfort

Mirko Vujicic, an industrial designer from Belgrade, unveils Catzz, a modular cat bed designed to provide warmth, comfort, and interactive play for feline friends.

Mirko Vujicic Newsroom

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