Marco Naccarella Designer Portrait Photo
Marco Naccarella

Marco Naccarella is an acclaimed professional based in Montecatini Terme, Italy. Recognized for their exceptional talent and innovative design prowess, Marco Naccarella has been honored as the winner of Four A' Design Awards in the following categories: Vehicle and Car. With a deep commitment to design excellence and a keen eye for detail, Marco Naccarella continues to shape the future of design in Italy and beyond.

Marco Naccarella 2021 Professional Newsroom № 274481

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Cerberus Moped by Marco Naccarella
Cerberus Moped by Marco Naccarella

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Dive into the world of Cerberus with Press Kit № 122435, offering everything from high-res images to detailed interviews for your upcoming Moped article. Get free access now.

Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar by Marco Naccarella
Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar by Marco Naccarella

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Nibbiorosso Electric MTB by Marco Naccarella
Nibbiorosso Electric MTB by Marco Naccarella

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Atto Primo Motorcycle by Marco Naccarella
Atto Primo Motorcycle by Marco Naccarella

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Designer Interviews
Marco Naccarella Interview

Accredited press members and journalists have exclusive access to a PR interview with Marco Naccarella, which can be freely incorporated into your content. Access Marco Naccarella Interview Now.

Design Legends
Marco Naccarella Design Legends Interview

Accredited press members and journalists have exclusive access to a 'Design Legends' special interview with Marco Naccarella, available for use in your content. Access Marco Naccarella Design Legends Interview Now.

Magnificent Designers
Marco Naccarella Magnificent Designers Interview

Exclusive content alert for accredited journalists: An interview with Marco Naccarella is available for you to freely embed in your stories. Access Marco Naccarella Magnificent Designers Interview Now.

Marco Naccarella Press Releases

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World Design Ratings
WDR C-Rank
Professional / Professionale

Marco Naccarella has a solid grounding in both the technical aspects of design and creative expression, enabling them to meet complex design challenges effectively. Their work is characterized by a commitment to quality and functionality, earning them respect in the professional community.

Notable Professional

Explore Now

Atto Primo Motorcycle
Atto Primo

Motorcycle for Marco Naccarella

Marco Naccarella 2020 Professional Bronze
Nibbiorosso Electric MTB

Electric MTB for Human Museum

Marco Naccarella 2021 Professional Bronze
Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar

Hybrid Hypercar for Human Museum Design Studio

Marco Naccarella 2022 Professional Bronze
Dancer Electric City Bus

Electric City Bus for Dancer

DANCER 2020 Enterprise Golden
CanguRo Mobility Robot

Mobility Robot for Shunji Yamanaka and Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo)

Shunji Yamanaka & fuRo 2021 Agency Platinum
Butterfly Aircraft Seat

Aircraft Seat for Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions Limited

Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions 2020 Startup Silver
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike

Electric MotoBike for AGAZZINI BIKES

Andrea Agazzini 2022 Professional Platinum
Olmedo HR High Roof Accessible Vehicle
Olmedo HR

High Roof Accessible Vehicle for OLMEDO HR

Olmedo Special Vehicles Spa 2024 Enterprise Silver
E390 Electromobile


Aima Technology Group Co., Ltd 2022 Agency Silver
Toro Medium Size Coach

Medium Size Coach for Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Anadolu Isuzu Design Team 2020 Enterprise Silver
Brescia Hommage Hypercar
Brescia Hommage

Hypercar for Robson Marques de Pontes

Robson Marques de Pontes 2020 Professional Silver
Private Helicopter Aircraft Interior
Private Helicopter

Aircraft Interior for AirJet Designs

Jean-Pierre Alfano 2020 Agency Golden
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